Node Module Version Mismatch: Expected 50

Today I got the same error as in the title. Installed nvm, tried all versions of node from 6.8 to 7.1 which reulted in 48 and 51 result mode version (in file config.gypi).

So I’ve opened Electron page and checked current Electron and node versions. Then a few commands to run:

And it does not work anyway… And there is no indication what is wrong, except now Electron expects NODE_MODULE_VERSION 53 and I have somehow 51. Checked node_version.h file and there is #define NODE_MODULE_VERSION 51 . So nothing wrong and still does not work.

I have searched for NODE_MODULE_VERSION 53 and noticed that it is on master for Electron, which is 8.0. And there is no Node 8.0 in nvm (and I won’t like to use alpha version anyway). So blind guess – downgrade the Electron:

And now bozon start  works fine 🙂



Got today once again:

So just a reminder – after the restart it is mandatory to use nvm use 7.4 again 😉

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