Opel Corsa D Diagnostic Mode (Test Mode)

Just a quick update. During of OBD2 connection test I have found a possibility to enter test mode in the car where I can validate results using values that trip computer receives from ECU – yay! Even though my car does not have trip computer 😀

Press km reset button four times and hold it at fourth time for 10 seconds (or just until screen changes). There will be a few screens (selectable with the same button):

  1. Car production version and date.
  2. Firmware production version and date.
  3. ???
  4. Vehicle speed and engine RPMs.
  5. Battery voltage and status.
  6. Dashboard backlight level (0-100) and coolant temperature.
  7. ??? (100 / L2 XXX)
  8. ??? (100 / S2 XXX)
  9. ??? (100 / P2 XXX)
  10. ??? (100 / t2 XXX)
  11. Fuel level in liters and remaining distance. – I don’t know what is in the second line, maybe short and long term trim?
  12. Fuel flow and fuel economy.
  13. Days and distance from reseting inspection.

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