Logs panel in Electron and C++ addon

Today I have decided that I need to have a try in merging what I have done in C++ with Electron and JS (and NodeJS) as my prototype lacks currently of any GUI.

The first thing will be most important in my opinion, as I will probably use it later all the time. Let me introduce you logs panel:

It displays all logs messages received from both my addons. Those messages are going to be logged to file (or console) too, but I do like to have them visible in application too for easier debugging.

This is especially important considering that all (or some) of OBD2 communication will be logged here, so I can actually see what is going on with the interface when I try out the buttons without leaving the app window. Later it will be detachable, currently it is enough for me to filter messages by log level.

Actually quite easy to do, the only thing that was important for me was adding jQuery:

Usage is pretty straightforward too:

That’s all for now, next thing might be serial communication 😉

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