Moving CloudApp MySQL WordPress database on Azure to “MySQL in App”

Some of Azure WordPress users found out that CloudApp MySQL database, which was ~1 year ago a default one, is not longer supported. There are two new possibilites though, one is “Azure Database for MySQL” which is quite expensive for small website, and “MySQL in App” which fits just fine.

The migration is quite stragihtforward. First log in to Azure management console and find your application:

Then enable “MySQL in App”:

Then open your website (to trigger mysql process start, might not be necessary, but for me it was) and open “Advanced Tools” from your application settings (still Azure management dashboard):

Select CMD from top menu:

Navigate to “d:\home\data\mysql” and expand the list using the

arrow. Then open “MYSQLCONNSTR_localdb.txt” file (using edit button on the left):

Copy the content, open the “Application Settings” from Azure application management and find “Connection strings”. Update the value using the data from “MYSQLCONNSTR_localdb.txt” file, sometimes it is required to first check the checkbox on the right.

Last but not least you need to import the previous database from the file. Select “MySQL in App from the menu and click “Manage” button on the top. This will open the phpMyAdmin.

Default database is “localdb” and it can be safely used, but if you for some reason want to use a different databse just remember to update the connection string in “Application Settings”.

Now the page should be back online.

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