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CoreBluetooth and bluetooth devices enumeration on OS X

So ending our adventure with first module – bluetooth devices enumeration I have bad news. OS X does not support programatically enumeration of generic Bluetooth devices. There is CoreBluetooth, but it works only with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). There is the GameKit, but it only works if you want to pair two or more devices with specified service type – in most cases iPhone with Mac. I wanted something like this:

So we have now a module that enumerates BLE devices nearby. And ELM327 is not a BLE device. GREAT 😀

Anyway, I have learned a lot about what is not possible and a lot about what is not. For new it will be enough to tell user to just connect the device before use. Whole prototype project is in this commit:

In directory prototypes. Next article (soon) will be more technical about module developement based on cougar_bluetooth_lib module.